This is so gross.  But apparently you can ask anything.  And someone actually asked if being a cannibal would make you fat.  And there is an answer...

Sasha, Getty Images

As with's all about portion control.  Who knew??

Taken as a whole, a cooked cadaver would yield about 81,500 calories’ worth of food, says James Cole, a lecturer on human origins at the University of Brighton in England. But that’s only if you wolfed down every part that could be consumed. To create his “nutritional template” for cannibalism, Cole used body-composition data published in the 1940s and ’50s, drawn from four dead males between the ages of 35 and 65. From these he built something like a beef chart for human beings, with caloric content listed for every cut of person-meat.

But, instead of a human, eating an entire animal would be much more fattening...

The 81,500 calories in a human body may sound like a lot, but it’s paltry next to what’s found in bigger animals. A horse contains more than 200,000 calories, and a bear three times that much. And that’s just from their most appetizing parts. It’s also worth considering that about half the calories in human meat come from adipose tissue. Consuming so much fat might pose problems of its own. “I’m not a nutritionist,” says Cole, “but I would imagine that it would not be very healthy.”

And I stand by my original statement... gross!  And also, what kind of a person would ask such a question?  Planning something?