You might be saying, "Wisconsin does what? Those cheeseheads don't do anything better than us"! But it's true. At least in terms of how a resident gets a hunting license, it can show proof and how it makes their hunting experience better.

Hunting season for Minnesota hunters will be here before you know it. One of the great things about hunting is it's a fantastic social distancing activity. It might be one of the best social distancing activities ever -- especially while this COVID stuff is going around.

So maybe this is a great time to take advantage of the current situation and reevaluate how Minnesota does hunting -- at least in terms of licensing.

Maybe you don't want to hear that Wisconsin does it better than we do (I just vomited in my mouth saying that). There are many great things about hunting in our state, but how a person goes about getting a hunting license and proving it to the DNR is not one of them.

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Minnesota is behind the times. The state of Wisconsin has a better hunting program, and it's something Minnesota should look into. They have all the info on their driver's license.

I have friends in both states that confirm this. They both say that Minnesota needs to update its technology. My Wisconsin friend says that they pull out their driver's license to the DNR, and that's it. My Minnesota friend says that you can buy online but can still give you a warning for not having your license on you.

Regardless of the COVID crap, it's 2020 -- we have the technology -- let's make this better.

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