The weather's (eventually, maybe) getting colder, and it's time for Fat Choad to shift into Hearty Choad. Is there a difference? Physically, no. Mentally, still no. I'm just more open to soup.

Today's Question of the Century focused on shifting into Soup Mode like George Costanza.

First, A Quick Personal Anecdote

WHY ARENT YOU SOUP?! Photo by Arthur Thompson on Unsplash)
WHY AREN'T YOU SOUP?! (Photo by Arthur Thompson on Unsplash)

My grandparents used to harvest wild rice. They'd load up into a canoe and, while grandpa steered, grandma had the big stick to wack the rice into the canoe. I'm thinking that this was therapeutic for her, and safe for Grandpa.

Homemade chicken wild rice soup (like any really good homemade soup) takes a while to make. So where can I get THEE BEST chicken wild rice soup? To the listeners, Batman!

Who Has the BEST Chicken Wild Rice Soup?

Shawna was first: "Grand casino [M]ille [L]acs, ([P]lums)"

Adam loves soup with Ol' Man River: "Riverboat in Sartell"

Dawn loves soup from the Land of the Giant Donuts: "Clearwater [T]ravel [P]laza"

Susan's favorite soup spot is in the Twin Cities: "Hands down is the St. Paul Grill."
And she even included a link for the recipe!!!!

Heather loves chicken wild rice soup from Up Nort: "Betty's Pies" (now I want soup and pie)

Angie likes the fancy: "Byerlys"

Heidi and Kristi like soup with their murder lemonade: "Panera"

Gary likes variety: "Dolsies downtown, Erbert and Gerbert’s, Jill’s in Richmond"

Scott is inviting! Maybe...: "My kitchen"

Whitney gave us a Brain'rd option! "Mickey's in Brainerd"

Steven sent a soupy shoutout to Lake Cafe in Big Lake

Jana nominated her friend Aaron. What a friend!

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Responses From the Loon App

pdiddy says: "Park Diner has great wildrice soup" (Jodi seconded this on our Facebook page)

Bob says: "Kwik [T]rip for their chicken wild rice soup"

WRONG SOUP!!! Photo by Samee Anderson on Unsplash)
WRONG SOUP!!! (Photo by Samee Anderson on Unsplash)

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