Even before the pandemic hit, I was not a big fan of the mayhem called Black Friday. Part of it was my dislike of large crowds but mostly, I was usually stuffed to the gills with turkey and stuffing and it all just sounded like too much work.

"Black Friday" Marks Start Of Holiday Shopping Season
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Well, Walmart has come up with an idea to maybe hold down the crowd size and in the process maybe make it a bit safer to hit the sales. They plan on having 3 separate Black Fridays.

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November 7th will be the first of three. On that Black Friday, Walmart will be featuring deals on toys, electronics and home products.

Friday, November 14th will be the second of three Black Fridays with great deals on computers, movies and music.

The 3rd and final Black Friday will be November 27th on the traditional day after Thanksgiving and it looks like all will be up for grabs that day.

Walmart has kind of led the way through the last 7 pandemic months as far as adapting goes. Many changes to stores, hours and online shopping. I can't help but guess most big box stores will somewhat follow Walmart's example.

"Online only" sales will be a big push for this year's Black Friday deals. I'm guessing this will be where a lot of people choose to shop this year, avoiding close contact and big crowds. You can catch all the great deals on their website's "Black Friday Deals For Days Promotion".

Happy shopping and stay safe!

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