I don't usually make an effort to keep you all abreast (sorry) of real estate on the market but since it's such an iconic landmark in the area, I thought it was worth noting.

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I'd say "Thanks for the mammaries....I mean memories" if, in fact, I'd ever been there but strip clubs have never been my idea of great entertainment. I guess I picked that up while living in Florida and having a couple of friends that worked in a strip club. They would always refer to the clientele as "losers" and pervs".

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Sugar Daddy's or any these places or the people that frequent them.  Just not my thing.

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Since last March, I would drive by there often and the sign would simply say "Closed Temporarily".  I would always think to myself that things would really have to improve, as far as the pandemic goes, for them to ever be able to reopen.

Well, it seems the owners are not interested to see when and if reopening will ever be an option. So, it's on the market for roughly $260K. It looks like a pretty good piece of property and right on Highway 10.

With King's calling it quits years ago and now Sugar Daddy's, where's a guy with a fistful of dollar bills to go?  Minneapolis would probably be the best bet.

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