Starting tomorrow, August 1, Minnesota age to purchase tobacco products goes from 18 to 21.  This includes ANY tobacco products.  Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vape products, snuff or cigars.  All of these are included in the "must be 21 to purchase" category.


This goes along with the Federal law that the President signed back in May.

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The reason for the increase is to hopefully curb the tobacco use in Minnesota youth.  The tobacco rate has risen quite a bit in the last few years, and this is an attempt to hopefully stop that from continuing to rise.  What are you supposed to do if you are someone, or you know someone who is younger and already addicted?  There are services set up to support quitting tobacco use.  They have lozenges, patches, gum and other tobacco quitting medications.

Funny thing about how times have changed, I do remember when I was a little kid, it was very common to see that are like under 10, going and buying cigarettes for their parents.  No one would bat an eye at a little kid buying any kind of tobacco product.  No one suspected that it was for anyone other than their parents.  Chances it wasn't for anyone other than their parents, either.  But still... if you saw anything like that now people who lose their (stuff).  Can you even imagine?

I even think there were some that would let a little kid buy booze too... for their parents. Maybe it was because I lived in a small town???

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