Wow, people are really trying to capitalize on the fact that there is no Minnesota state fair this year. I mean, I get it... we don't have a state fair this year, and there are A) people who really want their fair food fix. And B) the vendors would really like to make some kind of money this year.  It's not going to be anything like they normally would be making, but at least it's something.

Minnesota State Fair Sweet Martha's Cookies Laura Bradshaw/
Minnesota State Fair
Sweet Martha's Cookies
Laura Bradshaw

So, here is the deal.  A company has created State Fair To Go.  And basically, it's fair food in a box for 5 people.  5 people?!  That, to me, is A LOT of fair food.   And you get several vendors who will be contributing to this box to go.  Cheese Curds, Mini Donuts,  Sweet Martha's Cookies, Rosie's Fries, Axdahl's Fresh Corn on the cob, and Elliot's Up North Corn Dogs.  Of course, this isn't all of the fair food that there is to have at the State Fair normally, but some of these things are only available during fair time.

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This is available starting on Monday, the 17th and will run for a limited time.  It looks like you order your food, and they ship it to you in a box.  When you get it, it's like a DIY fair in a box.  You make the stuff yourself at home.  Well, that answers the question of how will it be fresh?  And now, maybe you can learn a new skill.  Fair Food chef!  And you can share with a  few of your friends.  The box of DIY fair food is enough for 5 people.

Again, it's not the State Fair, but it's something.

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