It's the phrase that is probably going to be heard a lot this summer... "we're taking a staycation".  Mostly because there isn't a ton of other choices.  But I guess if you did want to go somewhere for a change of scenery, there is that option. Just better make sure there is somewhere to stay when you get there.

Sarah Mueller, WJON
Sarah Mueller, WJON

The odd thing about this ranking is that Minneapolis and St. Paul- the "Twin Cities" rank quite differently on this little scale.  When I looked at the criteria, I guess I can understand what the reasoning is...but it still seems odd.

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Wallethub put this together.  The things or "metrics" that went into deciding where these cities would fall were recreation choices. Like parks, hiking, biking and walking trails, and actually how strict the stay home orders are per city.  Also, relaxation items.  Like choices for people to unwind, and the price of those things.  Like how much food and beer and wine are, and even the average size of a person's home.  That seems odd, but I guess if you have adequate area either in the house or in the yard, or both.  Also- how nice is the weather in your city.

Based on this, the nicest or best city to staycation in is Plano, Texas.  Scottsdale, Arizona is number 7.  I have lived there, and I can understand why that city is ranked fairly high.  Like the whole patio thing... every restaurant has some sort of outdoor seating.  And generally you don't have to worry about the rain.  It's generally covered, and if it's too hot, they have "misters" that will go off every so often to cool things off.

According to these things- Minneapolis and St. Paul don't have the same things going for them.  Minneapolis ranked at #82 and St. Paul ranked at #143.  Not so great.

As far as St. Cloud goes, hopefully we can figure something out for the outdoor seating situation.  And maybe some tents?  At least for a few months.  That way it's not quite as contingent on the weather which, as we all know, can be quite volatile.  But, at least now we have patio options.  Better than it was?  We'll see.

Stay healthy!

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