Steve Miller a proud man from the Mid-West, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He started off as a singer-songwriter playing mostly Blues-Blues Jazz. Steve and his family moved to Texas where he formed his first,  'The Marksman' and featured the soon to be popular Boz Scaggs.

It's not hard to understand Steve picking up the guitar considering the fact that Les Paul and his wife Mary Ford were over at the Miller residence quite a bit.

Some of Steve's major influences were big in the Jazz sound, i.e. Paul Butterfield ,Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and Buddy Guy of all whom Steve has had the pleasure of jamming with.

In 1967 He formed the Steve Miller Band and initially found themselves as the opening act to Chuck Berry.

In 1973 He released, 'The Joker' that made it's way to households in a rapid fashion since it managed to get a lot of airplay, however; When 'Fly Like An Eagle' and 'Book of Dreams' it was then we really got a good taste of what he was all about with hits from both," Fly Like An Eagle", , "Take the Money and Run", "Jet Airliner", "Jungle Love" and "Rock'n Me".

Bring on 1982 and welcome what is probably his last hooray for major hits and that was his twelfth album, 'Abracadadra'.

"Keeps Me Wondering Why"  – 3:43

"Abracadabra" – 5:10

"Something Special" – 3:35

"Give It Up"  – 3:35

"Never Say No" ( – 3:37

"Things I Told You" – 3:15

"Young Girl's Heart" – 3:33

"Goodbye Love"  – 2:53

"Cool Magic" – 4:23

"While I'm Waiting"  – 3:26

Steve's a former music teacher at the USC Thorton School of Music and owns over 450 guitars.