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  • Over the weekend we lost a legendary rocker - Chuck Berry. Berry died from natural causes at the age of 90 in St. Louis, Missouri. Chuck Berry literally wrote and recorded songs up until his death, and later this week we should see some of that new material.
  • Apparently, President Trump themed guitars are a hot commodity. There is a guitar up for bidding right now on Ebay that is currently going for $2,000. It is a 1961 Decca, painted with a Donald Trump portrait with a bald eagle perched on his shoulder and lots of overdone American propaganda. And what makes this even better is there was a different President Trump guitar that was for sale last month, and went for $350.
  • Pink Floyd's Nick Mason got himself into a sticky situation over the weekend. Apparently, the 73 year old drummer smashed his McLaren F1 GTR race car into a wall at the Goodwood Circuit. Mason is alright, but his car isn't - and it's reportedly worth $3.7 million.

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