Being that we are just three days removed from the Super Bowl, and of course, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which featured Rihanna this year, it's not uncommon to hear from artists, about their desire to perform during halftime. One such artist, Ray Wylie Hubbard, happens to be opening some of Eric Church's Outsiders Revival dates, and it sounds amazing!

Ray took to social media recently to propose his halftime show, which was rather detailed.

can someone get this to the nfl big shots?
I come on the field on a moped being chased by a 1950's police car. I stop and run up on stage with lucas, kyle, tobin and john michael. we sing 'snake farm' as a 40 year old belly dancer with a python belly dances. a kid with a sparkler sets on the drum riser. song ends. i got to another stage and i wake up hayes carll who is sleeping on a cot and we sing 'drunken poets dream' (my version). kid lights a firecracker at end of harmonica solo. after song, hayes lays back down on cot and cody canada comes out and we do 'wanna rock and roll' as belly dancer on other stage falls down steps. kid shoots off a roman candle while giving devil horns sign. songs ends and i go back to other stage and do 'desperate man' with band of heathens as kid picks up a sprinkler hooked to a hose and attemps to spray us but another kid has it bunched up so nothing comes out. kyle throws a m&m to lucas and he catches it in his mouth during solo. songs ends and james mcmurtry comes out and we do 'choctaw bingo.' censors in booth freak out as it wasn't on the schedule. security runs to turn off power but python is curled around fuse box. as song ends kid releaases grip on hose and power boxs get wet and shorts out and the stadium goes black..
second half starts.

Very detailed, no? And I gotta say this sounds like an EPIC halftime show, just based on all of the proposed action.

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If you aren't familiar with Ray Wylie Hubbard, that's ok, he is a prolific writer and performer who has been doing what he loves to do since 1965. Hubbard according to an online biography "wrote 'Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother' first made famous by Jerry Jeff Walker's 1973 recording, and covered by a wide variety of other artists since."

So NFL, the City of Las Vegas, and the world are you ready for Ray Wylie Hubbard at halftime? I think we are.

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