I say this because store employees are being abused, threatened by non maskers.

Essential Workers Keep Businesses Open And Serve Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic
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Many of the big chains and local businesses are now requiring masks. Also some states have mask mandates for when you are out in public. Masks have been referred to as the cheapest and most effective way to protect you and others from catching the virus.

Store workers, often referred to as "front line workers" are mostly working for minimum wage. Working so you can shop for the supplies you need. What bothers me is if a store or state has a mask mandate, it puts store employees in an awkward, if not dangerous position.

These store employees are screamed at, threatened for trying to do their job enforcing store our start policy. They didn't make the rules.

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It's gotten to be such a problem that Walmart employees are now told not to argue with the maskless customer or block their entry and to just notify management to deal with the problem.

Many other businesses have followed suit on this and it seems to me that they are putting others at risk. If you have a mask policy, enforce it.  Call in the authorities, if necessary.  Employees should not be out in the position of engaging those that don't want to follow store policy.

So, if you refuse to follow the mask rules, just shop curbside or order online. Don't take it out on the store employees. I guarantee they didn't make the rules.  They're just doing their job.


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