Doing this morning show I do get extremely sleep deprived.  Especially this week when I have been alone.  It starts to get to a person and you start to do some dumb and/or strange things.  Apparently this isn't unusual for people with sleep deprivation.


Things I have done are start to leave the house with no shoes on.  I have put my purse in the refrigerator.  I have put my cup of coffee in the cupboard.  Almost threw the dog food away... like the stuff in the container instead of putting it back in the drawer where it belongs.  Just dumb stuff because I haven't gotten enough sleep.

Tiny newborn baby screaming loud

There was a survey done asking parents what strange things they have done being sleep deprived after having a baby.  Some of the things they have done are pretty funny... and some not so funny like the forgetting the kid in the car.  That's horrible.  And they can come from sleep deprivation.  Let's keep this light hearted though.

Texted their boss thinking it was their significant other.

Opened the fridge looking for shoes.

(I've done this one)  Waited for a stop sign to turn green.

There are more, too.

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