This is my own observation, but there are some strange things that people in this part of the world do... what is up with the "no honking" unwritten rule?  If someone isn't moving, honk!  I'm not going to sit through a stop light and not honk at you to move just because some people find it rude to honk at someone.  Just be glad I'm not yelling out the car window to move your dumb a**!  That was me NOT being rude.


Or how about the small talk when you go to buy something??  Like the cashier.  "so, do you have any plans today?".  Yeah- I'm coming over to your house and you are going to entertain me the rest of the evening.  How's that?  I do realize that they probably are taught to say something conversational to the person they are ringing up.. but maybe pay attention to some social cues.  Like when someone is obviously not interested in talking to you... just ring up my toiletries or coffee and let me be on my way.  Some of the issue is that not all cashiers can do 2 things at once.  They tend to slow way down when they are ringing up your items.  Let's get going people!  Long line forming!

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Speaking of lines, I have also heard so many people mentioning how Minnesotans have no idea how to merge.  Especially the zipper merge.  A zipper merge is on the main highway and you see the sign that says one lane ahead.... or merge ahead kind of deal.  People tend to move over to the lane that will be the one and only soon.  WAY before you need to.  That totally backs up traffic.  Then, they get upset with the person who continues to the front and merges at the last minute.  That is what you are supposed to do!  Called the zipper merge.  The thing that irritates me is when people DON'T merge... like at all... they stop and wait for all the traffic to go by instead of speeding up and "merging" in.  That is what you are supposed to do.  It's a merge sign, not a stop sign.  I see this mostly on Highway 15.  UGH!!!!  Stop stopping!!!  It's like close call to getting rear ended on a daily.

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Do I sound snarky??  Yeah, it's that kind of day.  Cheers!!