So.... we've all seen the pictures of the Sturgis rally in South Dakota from this past week.  There were a lot of people who went out there for the annual bike rally.  It's always a popular event.  The scenery is spectacular and a lot of shenanigans generally happen and it's really an all around good time.

61st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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This year, COVID comes along and pretty much put a damper on most everything.  But not the Sturgis Bike Rally.  Go figure.  South Dakota has been taking great pride in saying that they support FREEDOM.  No mandates, no masks, no shut downs, it's business as usual. As a state, they decided to go along with the rally because it's a great revenue builder for the states, economy.  Apparently, many of the businesses were asking to have the rally cancelled, but in the end, the rally went on as planned.

What could go wrong?

Coronavirus. That's what could go wrong.  Officials have said that some who went to the rally have tested positive for the virus.  They didn't say how many exactly, but right now the number  is less than 25.  That's right now, and it also doesn't seem like that many.  The problem is, how many people did those 25 people infect?  And in turn, how many did those people infect after they arrived back home?

This virus is so unpredictable. And every day there is new information that comes out about it.  The total death rate is not huge... in the big picture, and the recovery rate is fairly large.  So, the average person might be like... "so what"?  But... what if it isn't?  What about the residual issues?  Some people have had scarring on their lungs.  Some people who recovered still have some issues like it's still lingering in their system months after the supposed "recovery".  Unfortunately, no one really knows what your personal experience will be with this virus.  Maybe you are immune.  Maybe you will get very mild symptoms.  Maybe you will have severe symptoms. Maybe you will die.  Maybe you will be just fine and not even know you were sick but you possibly have given it to a loved one and they aren't as lucky as you.  So many variables.  So, now we wait....

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