Like every other Tuesday, we talked to Kate from Tri County Humane Society about this week's adoptable pet. This week we are trying to find a home for a cool dog named Sully. While Sully may not be everyone's cup of tea, he just might be just the right addition to your household.

Tri County Humane Society
Tri County Humane Society

Meet Sully! He came in due to not liking the children in the home. Due to this, he cannot go to a home with kids under the age of 12. It is recommended that all members of his potential new home meet him prior to adoption. Sully has been around dogs and did not do well with them, but has been around cats and didn't mind them. All new introductions to humans or furry friends should always be slow and proper,

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Sully's previous home says that he is potty trained and knows basic commands such as "sit", "stay" and "down". His new owners should keep him on a set schedule in his new home to make sure he has no accidents during his transition. He would benefit from further obedience training in his new home and would benefit from learning proper leash manners.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a very active breed so his new people should be prepared to have a lot of ways to help Sully expend some of his energy. Ask our staff for some creative ways to get rid of some of Sully's energy!. Sully doesn't like to be kenneled, and would prefer free roam of the house.

Plenty of playtime and exercise will help to keep Sully's mind and body active and healthy. Sully currently weighs 40 pounds. Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.


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