I find it scary enough flying. You never know who forgot to check what or if the airline is maintaining their planes like the y should. But I never even think "Oh, hey, I wonder if the pilot is drunk?"

Yesterday morning, a Delta pilot was arrested at the Minneapolis airport on suspicion of being impaired. The 37 year old pilot was scheduled to fly Delta Flight 1728 from Minneapolis to San Diego.

According to authorities, Airport Police and TSA were doing additional screening at the Known Crew Member entrance when the saw someone leave the screening line. That person was found later with alcohol and appeared to be impaired.


The pilot was booked and later released.  Charges are pending.

All passengers were taken of the plan for a short time and the Delta flight left on schedule with a another pilot.

Delta Airlines released this statement, "Delta’s alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry and we have no tolerance for violation. Delta is cooperating with local authorities in their investigation".


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