While I do think that it's a great thing to try and save any possible wounded animal if you can, what did this Sheriff's deputy think was going to happen in the back of his cruiser?

via Facebook.com
via Facebook.com

I used to live in Rochester, and there are a buttload of geese there- like ALL OVER!  There's a reason why their baseball team is called the HONKERS.  Sometimes you can't even drive through several areas of town because of geese crossing the road.  Like it happens almost on a daily.

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If you are anywhere near Lake George here in St. Cloud, you have seen what happens when there are a lot of geese present.  Poop happens!  Although it has been a lot less since the  grasses have been allowed to grow up around  the lake.  But still, where there are geese, there will be poop.

So, the Chisago County Sheriff's Office posted this on their Facebook page over the weekend:

Hats off to him trying to be the "good deed" doer  and rescuing a wounded swan, but maybe he should have called someone to help carry the animal to where it could get some help.  Or, at the very least found somewhere to cover the backseat during the ride.  This is gross.  And honestly, what did he think was going to happen?  I feel like I would have probably called animal control instead of hauling this poor bird where it needed to go.

Well, lesson learned there!  And I think that animal lovers do actually appreciate his kindness during this otherwise messy rescue.



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