Full disclosure, I haven't been to Taco Bell in quite awhile.  Not that I don't like Taco Bell, it's just that I haven't been there in literally years.

Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot
Getty Images for Taco Bell

Some of the items that are going away are the Dorito tacos.  NOT the original flavor, but the Cool Ranch ones and the fiery ones.  Also no more chips and salsa.  Did people really order those that much?  I know it seems strange that a Mexican place wouldn't have chips and salsa, but maybe not so much in a fast food Mexican restaurant.  Also taking a hike are the XXL Grilled Stuft burritos. Bye Bye!

If you are a fan of the mini beefy quesadilla,   you can wave to that it it goes away too.  There are several other things that will be leaving the menu.  Check them all out here.  

I really only ever got the soft shell chicken supreme tacos.  And those are still there.  YAY!  Or, the nachos bell grande.  Except for the soggy chips.  Blech.  Other than that.. delish!


Are you sad?  Did they take away one of your faves?

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