Would you have spicy taco flavored coffee for breakfast each day?  Like is this something that you would want to start your day out with?  I like flavored coffees and I like tacos.  Not sure that they should be paired together.

Pavel Timofeyev/Thinkstock

Here is the description:

Spicy Taco flavored coffee is a unique and surprisingly pleasant mix of taco spices and a hearty meaty flavor. It might not be one of your traditional flavored coffees, but once you get a taste you'll wonder why other roasters haven't tried this exceptionally delightful brew! Whether you're a die-hard Mexican food lover, or you're just craving that spicy taco taste, Spicy Taco flavored coffee is a great alternative to all of that fast food. Each batch is roasted to order and shipped on the same day, so you can be sure that your Spicy Taco coffee arrives at peak freshness and flavor.

You can order by clicking the quote above too... for the low, low price of $12.49 a pound.  I think it sounds strange, but it's got a 4.1 rating out of 5.  So, the reviews say it's worth it.

I think I will take their word for it....