October.  The time when you start to batten down the hatches and get ready for the long, cold winter.  But this weekend it's going to feel super summer-like. I say it's time to take advantage of some of the area Farmer's Markets that are generally open through October.  Gorgeous weekend, Farmer's Market, sounds like a perfect time to stock up on some fresh produce and other fresh items.

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The St. Cloud Area Farmer's Market is located in the Lady Slipper Lot downtown St Cloud on Saturdays through October.  It's been going since May, but if you haven't had a chance to check it out, I suggest you do that this weekend.  But you do have a couple more chances throughout the month. They open Saturday at 8am and will be open until Noon.

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The St. Cloud Waite Park Harvest Market is also open on Saturday at 9am. They will be open until 1pm and are located in the Cash Wise, Waite Park location.

St Joseph Farmer's Market opens on Friday at 3pm.  These guys want to catch you before the weekend.  So, get a jump on your weekend fresh produce finds.  They will also be open through October and "under the water tower" which is located Resurrection Lutheran Church. The St. Joseph Farmer's Market also has COVID protocols in practice.  Some of these include remaining 6 feet apart, wear a mask whenever possible, only use the designated entrance and exit.  Let the vendors show you the products, don't handle  yourself, please don't bring the entire family along to the market.  Also, normally, there would be some light music and/or some family activities.  That will still be suspended this year.

You can also visit many of the other little kiosk type markets along various roads in the area.  Whatever you decide to do this weekend, enjoy the nice weather.

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