Minnesota based Target Corporation announced today that starting August 1st, customers will be required to wear mask while shopping in any of their nationwide stores.

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Target is the latest to implement this rule.  Walmart and Sam's Club recently announced their mask requirement and Kohl's and Best Buy have also followed suit.

I was in the Eastside Target yesterday and I would estimate at least 90% of the customers were wearing masks. Target employees have been masked for awhile.

There are a few exceptions to Target's mask rule. A couple of those would be people with medical conditions and young children. Customers arriving at the store without a mask will be provided one.

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Deemed an essential business, Target stores have all remained open during the pandemic, adding new guidelines as the pandemic continued on. They were one of the first to limit the number of customers in the store at one time.

I expect we will see more and more retailers and other businesses put the mask requirement into effect in the near future.

At this point, it looks like a lot of cities and states around the country will be requiring everyone to wear a mask while out in public. St Cloud is considering doing just that.

We are all so tired of all the inconvenience and hardship caused by this pandemic. All we can really do is listen and follow the directions of the scientists and medical experts. Their only agenda is controlling this nasty virus and getting us all back to somewhat normal.

Stay healthy and safe!


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