Minnesota based Target is focusing more on diversity, and vowing to spend 2 billion dollars between now and 2025 to include black owned business within Target.

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They have not said how much they would be spending on individual suppliers and businesses, but they will also include some mentoring programs (Forward Founders) for black entrepreneurs.  This announcement comes a few months after they made the pledge to hire more black employees and increase the number by at least 20% over the next three years.

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There’s more we can do to spark change across the retail industry, support the Black community, and ensure Black guests feel welcomed and represented when they shop at Target,” said Target chief growth officer Christina Hennington in a statement.

This announcement comes in the wake of the Chauvin trial in the death of George Floyd.  Target Corp is making an effort to accelerate diversity, inclusion and equity while ending systemic racism. 

In a press release Target made the statement:

“It will help us create more equitable experiences for our Black guests, and use our company’s size, scale and resources to create economic opportunity for Black-owned businesses that extends outside of Target,”

If you are interested in watching how the trial of Derek Chauvin in progressing, you can catch the events on KARE 11.  It has been interesting to watch how it is unfolding.  There were so many things that we didn't see leading up to the trial.  And SO many more camera angles and comments from the police officers and George Floyd, himself.  I THINK I know how this is going to turn out, but we do need to wait until the end of the trial.  The other 3 officers involved are scheduled to be tried this coming August.

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