Kate from Tri County humane Society made her usual stop by the Loon studio this morning with a pug.beagle mix female named Tasha.

Tasha and her best buddy Milo have been together their whole lives. Milo is 12 and Tasha is 11 years old. They are only available as a pair. It would be fairly traumatic for both to be separated at this point, since they've been together so long.


Feel free to stop by Tri County Humane Society and meet all the animals up for adoption. The hours and location are posted below.

Visit Animals
Monday-Thursday from 12 - 6
Friday from 12 - 8
Saturday from 11 - 5
Sunday from 12 - 5

Our shelter store opens earlier!

735 8th Street NE
St. Cloud, MN 56304

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