I do like wine... sometimes.  A lot of my friends prefer red wines and I find them to be rather bitter.  Whites tend to be sweeter, which I do prefer.


BUT- occasionally I find one that I do like... but quite honestly, I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to wines.  I go to the wine store and it might as well be walking into a country where I do not speak the language, and I understand nothing.


So, I found this quiz thingy.  It's supposed to let you know what you would probably like by determining what other foods you like.  Random foods, like chocolate, teas, if you like to try new things, etc.  So I took the quiz, and guess what... duh!  I like white wines!  There is an occasional red that pops in there too... if you don't like reds too much either, you should try Apothic Red.  It's rather good.  It's a mixture of 3 wines that combines nicely and doesn't taste to "red".

What the quiz showed me were these four wines... of course I haven't heard of ANY of them.. but hey, I'm willing to try.  At least I can go to the wine store and at least have an idea of what I'd like to try.  A plan.. that's it!

Try out this quiz and see what they say you'd like... it's kinda fun.