Yeah, it's not what you think.  This might be a great way to get your kids to eat vegetables. According to this case, they could go blind.  A UK doctor just published a case study about a 17 year old who has permanent loss of vision after eating only junk food for several years.

Evidently, just eating only French fries, Pringles, white bread and processed meat for several years can cause a severe vitamin deficiency.


Some symptoms showed up at the age of 14. Tired all the time but his weight was normal.  Doctors and his parents tried to get him to improve his diet but he refused.

Fast forward three years, he goes to the eye doctor complaining of blurred vision. Turns out it was caused by something called "nutritional optic neuropathy", which translates to a lack of vitamins damaged his optic nerves.  He's also partially colorblind and his hearing is messed up.

It's a rare thing according to doctors but a good reminder to watch what we eat.

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