The ol' turkey day.  Just around the corner.  It's the eating holiday, as I call it.  I found this article and it states that having turkey on Thanksgiving is actually on it's way out.  I'm guessing most people are tired of having a dry and boring turkey.  It's the same thing every single year, and apparently people are just kind of over it.


So, what do you have if you don't have the traditional bird?  Chicken, ham and roast beef are the most popular choices.  I used to dislike turkey, but since my mom found this great recipe to inject the turkey with, when I was in high school, turkey day has gotten much better.  It's always juicy and full of flavor.  No more boring, dried out bird.


There are also some main excuses that people use when they don't want to eat your dried out boring bird.  Here are a couple of the top ones:  "I'm saving room for dessert", "I had a huge breakfast", and "I'm on a diet".  The last two are just stupid.  Who has a big breakfast on Thanksgiving??? And who sticks to a diet on Thanksgiving??? Unless, of course you have some food allergies. Salad?  What salad?  There was salad?

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Things that are the biggest fails are not having enough chairs for all of your guests.  So make sure to get a count ahead of time.  Another fail, spilling or dropping something on the floor, and also not having everything done on time.  That's the worst, and it's hard to do unless you have a double oven, or just ask people to bring stuff so you aren't having to plan the time quite as precisely.

It's the holidays, people!  Diet after the new year like everyone else, then crap out on that diet by the first week of March... or February.