Minnesota is famous for a few things: our awesome music scene, hockey, and never winning a Super Bowl (hardee har har har.) In my opinion, something else we SHOULD be famous for is our remarkable craft beer scene.

I’ve seen a good portion of the globe in 26 years (England, France, Wales, and the majority of The United States) and I can honestly say that Minnesota’s craft beer scene is 2nd to none.


There’s no shortage of awesome breweries and local brands around. The Germans and the Irish might give us a run for our money, but honestly, when it comes to CRAFT beer specifically, I think the land of 10,000 lakes takes the cake. Need proof?

Well dear reader, look no further. Today we're going to be taking a look at the best breweries located right here in Minnesota. Of course, I can't name them ALL here, but I will list the most popular ones. Here we go (in no particular order.)

1. Lift Bridge Brewing (Stillwater)
2. Surly Brewing (Minneapolis)
3. Bent Paddle Brewing (Duluth)
4. Fulton Beer (Minneapolis)
5. Summit Brewing (Saint Paul)
6. Indeed Brewing (Minneapolis)
7. Flat Earth Brewing (Saint Paul)
8. August Schell Brewing (New Ulm)
9. Bauhaus Brew Labs (Minneapolis)
10. Dangerous Man Brewing (Minneapolis)

Obviously, if you're trying the maximize the number of top notch breweries that you can visit in a day, the twin cities seem to be the place to be, especially Minneapolis. I've been to some of these myself, but hopefully I'll get to cross a few more off of my list before summer ends.

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