Over the years, I've heard of many different hangover food cures. Though I have a food combo that works really well... for me at least. I actually have to give credit to my friend Traci for this. She was the person that informed me of this combo and I've been using it when-ever I feel like trash the next morning after a night of partying like a rockstar.

Shannon Knight
Shannon Knight

So here it is... you go out to the nearest Taco Johns and get yourself the largest potato ole that you can and a large coke-a-cola and eat/drink the entire thing. The mixture of the ice and fizz from the coke-a-cola and the grease from the oles will help soak away the rest of the booze in your system. But say if you're still not feeling the greatest after eating? Then take a 45 minute nap and I swear you will be good as new.

What is your go to hangover cure?

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