There are some really great movies out there... and of course there are some really horrible ones.  The horrible ones are kind of a given that you never want to see those again...more than likely.  But then there are the movies that are REALLY good.  Well acted, great cast, great writing, but they are so disturbing that you don't want to see the movie again.

Leto And Connelly In 'Requiem For A Dream'
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That movie that has a great cast, well directed, has everything going for it, and held my attention the entire time and I NEVER want to see it again is Requiem for a Dream.  It's awful... but really good.  Movies can affect you in a number of different ways... and sometimes you never want to see it again.


I really can't think of another movie like that... and I have seen a lot of films.  Some I just don't want to see again because they were just too stupid.  And unfortunately, that is usually the case.  And this one is just because I didn't like the disturbing part of it.  But it doesn't mean that I didn't think the actors did an exceptional job... in fact I think they DID, which is part of the issue.

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