There isn't much that's cooler than seeing a shooting star. How about 200 per hour! That's what is going to happen by the end of the week.

According to Nasa, The Perseids show up every year in August when Earth ventures through trails of debris left behind by an ancient comet. This year, Earth may be in for a closer encounter than usual with the comet trails that result in meteor shower, setting the stage for a spectacular display.

Some things to keep in mind if you plan on making a big event out of this with family and friends...

  1. You need to view them from an area that doesn't have a lot of surrounding light. Get out into the country a few miles.
  2. If it's cloudy in the sky where you're looking up, you're obviously not going to see any of this show.
  3. You'll need to start viewing this after 12 midnight Thursday into Friday. If you miss your chance, the show may continue on Friday evening into Saturday over night.

I go nuts when I see 1 or 2 shooting stars, and can't imagine seeing 200 per hour. You can bet I'm going to be checking this out! It's a crap shoot if the sky will be good for viewing where I live in Sartell. Personally it'll be worth taking a drive around to get the best view of this. You can bet I'm going to video it with my GoPro!

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