I can't believe this guy didn't get arrested. This video is actually tough to watch. I can't believe these parents just sat there and didn't deck this f'ing pervert.

The guy's name is Fergie Oliver and had a game show in Canada in 1980 called "Just Like Mom". The way this guy creeps on these little girls is sickening. Making them kiss him and generally just coming off as the creepiest pervert ever to have a TV show.


Even though the show is almost 40 years old, I can't believe that this was considered okay, ever.  If this happened today, this a-hole would be locked up and never allowed too have any contact with children ever.

You have to wonder, where were the producers and directors of this game show?  They were okay with what this guy was doing?

I have to warn you, this video is VERY uncomfortable to watch.

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