As heard on the December 5th show:


1. Gobble, Gobble, DUI

A woman in Ohio was pulled over the weekend after Thanksgiving after cops spotted her driving without a tire on one of her rims.  When asked how much she'd had to drink, she told the officer, "gobble, gobble, turkey."





 2. Couple Cancels Christmas for Kids

When kids act up and time-outs fail to work, what do you do to get the message across to your kids?  One family is canceling Christmas and they're getting quite a bit of flack from other parents.  Do you think taking away gift giving for the kids sends the right message?





 3. Hockey Player Does "Cat Game" During Interview

We don't know anything about Ray Kaunisto of the Kalamazoo Wings, but anyone who can sneak a series of meows onto ESPN's airwaves is alright by us.  If you're not familiar this inside joke comes from the 2001 comedy Super Troopers.





 4. Laughter Yoga

We fell across this on YouTube and couldn't help but share.  Laughter Yoga is all about the affirmation of power over what ails you, whether it be an illness or just a bad week at work.






 5. Most Instagrammed Place in Each State

What location in each state do people share pictures of the most?  Here in Minnesota, it's the Mall of America, but at least we're not Utah where the location that pictures get taken and shared the most of is the airport.  How boring knowing how beautiful the landscape is there lol.





 6. Friends in Low Places

Yesterday we talked about Garth Brooks joining Facebook for the first time ever and the slightly creepy video that he posted to his fans.



Let the conversation begin indeed.  Here are our responses to Garth's video.


Lucy's Friends in Low Places Video



Jesse's Friends in Low Places Video




 7. Creative Cursing

Jesse & Lucy play another round of Creative Cursing with President Newsman Dick Nelson  - and - intern Jess joins in for the fun too!





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