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1. Weed is Legal in North Korea?

Last week, a freelance writer claimed to have purchased a grocery bag full of marijuana at an outdoor market in North Korea, then smoked it at bars, restaurants and outdoor parks and monuments.  At lease they have one thing going for them.  Seriously though, if one of the most stringent countries in the world doesn't think twice about weed, then why in the "land of the free" are we having such a hard time legalizing it?  Come on America!





2. Recap on the Mall of America Protest

We heard from people on both sides of the conversation regarding the recent protest by members of "Black Lives Matter" at the rotunda in the Mall of America on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  See what people are saying and feel free to weigh in.






3. Most Drunkest Day of the Year

Is not Christmas.  It's actually a tie between New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day weekend.  Listen to find out what other days came in with a high score on the BAC scale.





4. Christmas Tree Controlled by Twitter

Technology is so cool!  Oxford Communications created a Christmas tree made of 1,000 LED lights that can be controlled by tweets.  If you want in on the fun tweet #brilliant to @Oxmas_Tree to light it up and #figgypudding to turn it off.  Somewhere in New Jersey there is a tree that must be blinking like crazy.





5. What Your Gingerbread Man Cookie Says About You

How do you tackle a gingerbread man cookie?  Do you go for the legs or dive right in and bite off the head?  Did you know, the way you eat that man cookie could say something about your personality?  Listen to find out what your cookie eating says about you!





6. Black Sheep Are Rare

Everyone seems to claim to have "that one relative", but a new study suggests that black sheep are actually pretty rare with one appearing only once every 97 years.  Who's the black sheep in your flock?  You know what they say, if you can't think of someone, it's probably you.





 7.  Melted Snowman on eBay

In what we're assuming was an attempt to make a quick holiday buck, someone posted last year's snowman for sale on eBay.  Hey, those presents don't buy themselves!  Unfortunately it didn't pull in any suckers this year, BUT there's always next holiday season to try and sell a bowl of water to some idiot.




 8.  Football Pick Outcomes


Lucy / Townsquare Media
Lucy / Townsquare Media





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