As heard on the November 4th show:


1.  A Bizarre Mixtape Made By Kurt Cobain Surfaced

A mixtape rumored to be assembled by Kurt Cobain has surfaced.  It contains a 36-minute-long track that's a collage of clips from some pretty weird sources.  A unique look at the grunge god's musical mind for sure.  Do you recognize any of the audio?







 2.  Weirdest Political Campaign Ads From Around the Country

The political process can be exhausting for voters.  That's why it's a good day to blow off some steam by making fun of the people who actually spend money on these campaigns.









 3. Who is Alex From Target

If you're asking yourself this question and wondering why this is a thing, join the club, because so are we.  Apparently a picture of this kid went viral and overnight #AlexFromTarget became internet famous.  It also spawned a slew of other regular everyday good-looking guys to get a taste of Twitter attention.



 4.  Five Things That Can Influence Your Vote

And none of them have to do with the onslaught of (sometimes bizarre) political ads.  Did you know the weather can swing your vote?  So can the location you're casting your vote.  Good to know, so you can vote with a clear head.



CLICK HERE to check out all the things that can change the way you vote



 5. MOvember with The Loon

Both Jesse & Pete Hanson are growing their mustaches out during the month of November to raise funds and awareness for cancer in men.  What do you think of Jesse's lovely Walrus... or Batwing... or whatever this style of stache is called.


Jesse / Townsquare Media



Get Involved in the MOvember Movement



 6.  Who Will Be President of the Morning Show?

Jesse & Lucy have been going head-to-head in a heated campaign race to see who will win your votes for President of the Morning Show.  Today is the big day.  It's time to cast your votes and decide a winner.  That person will receive bragging rights, bragging rights, and more bragging rights.


Political Attack Ads Round 1



Political Attack Ads Round 2






7. Football Outcomes


Lucy / Townsquare Media