As heard on the November 7th show:


1. The Porn Men & Women Are Really Searching For

There's something to be said for the fact that MILF, mom and step mom all made it into the top five searches for men.  Surprise, women like to see women.  No offense guys, but you look like an unfinished bow.











2. Man Calls 911 Looking for a Date

Only the lonely would call the emergency dispatch team for a date.  Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places.  This guy must have been REALLY lonely, because he called three times and even managed to ask the dispatcher if she was into handcuffs.





 3. Chores That Men Mess Up on Purpose

Wait, you mean your idea of cleaning the toilet was peeing on the streaks in the bowl?  So how clean are the dishes, really?  Men, what chores do you skimp on completing?  Ladies, what chore have you stopped asking your man to to because he never seems to do it right?






4. Woman Punched After Telling Mother to Quiet Her Child

Who's in the wrong here?  The mother who threw the punch or the woman who butted in to suggest some help with the parenting of this kid.  Would you have said something to a stranger about a child who's having a public meltdown?  Do you think people need to mind their own business?





 5. How Much Sleep Are You Losing Every Year?

Don't lose sleep over losing sleep, because you're already losing enough sleep as it is.  A recent study found that the average person loses eight days worth of sleep a year.  Listen to find out what's keeping everyone awake.





6. Creative Cursing with President Newsman Dick Nelson

It's Friday!  Time for one of our favorite weekly features - Creative Cursing.  The following video may contain adult language and overall stupidity.



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