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1.  Guy Gets Stuck in Birthday Lapdance Handcuffs

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by being handcuffed by a hot stripper, danced upon and then humiliated in front off firefighters, law enforcement officers and your friends?





2. Cheaper Engagement Ring = Better Marriage

Cheap asses rejoice!  A new study says that cheaper engagement rings could lead to a better marriage.  Before you go rushing to buy a Cracker Jack box, just know that if the ring is too cheap, that's also a problem.  There's a sweet spot in what you spend, so listen to find out how much cash equals marital bliss.





3. Colorado Creates New "Rookie Cookie" for Weed First-Timers

Apparently the edible weed is so good in Colorado that some tourists and first-timers are getting sick off of it.  Dispensaries have started offering "light" options like the Rookie Cookie.  Noob.





4. There's a Wife Carrying Contest?

News to us.  The 15th annual North American Wife Carrying Championship will be held this weekend in Maine.  Thousands of spectators will watch 50 teams compete in this Finish-style race for the grand prize of the wife's weight in beer, plus five times her weight in cash.






5. Pizza Vending Machine

Here's a reason to look forward to 2015, the pizza vending machine.  The Pizzabox,  serves up fresh handcrafted 10-inch pizzas for just $5!  We could really use one here at the station (hint, hint, big guy).  It's still being tested, but the creators plan to release the machines in early 2015.





6. Football Picks


Lucy Black / Townsquare Media
Lucy Black / Townsquare Media



 7. Creative Cursing

It's Friday, so time to blow off some steam with another round of our new favorite game, Creative Cursing with Dick!



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