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1. Couple Suctioned Together During Sex at Sea

Wait.  You can get stuck together during sex?  Add this to the list of your irrational fears.  Apparently a woman's muscles can clamp down without her control.  In this couple's case, it took some pretty hefty muscle relaxers to get these two apart.





2. Should Parents Be Responsible for What Their Kids Post on Facebook?

A Georgia appeals court ruled that parents can be held legally liable for what their kids post on Facebook after their boy set up a fake profile pretending to be another girl at his school.  The profile was mean and made this girl out to be fat, profane, racist and promiscuous and even after the boy was reprimanded by both the school and his parents, the profile stayed up for another 11 months.





3. Man Suffers With Addiction to Google Glass

Luke, come to the dark side... of technology. When a man's Google Glass was taken away he became irritable, had a hard time focusing, experienced bizarre dreams, and showed other signs of withdrawal.  Are you addicted to a piece of technology?  Would you experience similar symptoms if someone took your TV away?





4. Donut Selfies

The standard selfie just got a face-lift.  Donut selfies are a 360-degree look at a person and are done using video.  Watch the video below to see how it's done.



She makes it look so easy!  We try our hand at the donut selfie technique below.  Maybe a little more practice would help.





5. The Pipe Smoking Trend

While pipe smoking might seem a bit cartoonish, it's actually becoming trendy again.  Pipe and cigar stores say there's an upsurge in sales, because it seems to fit in with other trends happening like microbrews, specialized coffee and artisanal cheese.





 6. Football Picks


Lucy Black / Townsquare Media
Lucy Black / Townsquare Media


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