As heard on the October 23rd show:


1. Today's Partial Solar Eclipse

Nature will be putting on a killer show today.  A partial solar eclipse is set to begin at 4:22 p.m.  It can damage your eyes if you look directly at it, so click the link below to find all the ways you can enjoy this oddity.





2. Man in Tears After 44,000 Pounds of Beer Goes Missing

We would have cried too, but then found out it was Miller High Life beer.  Still, kidnapping beer is not cool man, unless you're having a party and we're invited.






3. Would You Rather?

Dave, the not-so-new sports guy sits in and we get to know him a little better with a round of Would You Rather.




4. Who's Buying All the Count Chocula Cereal in Fort Collins?

General Mills has once again released their line of monster cereals for Halloween, but in Fort Collins, a mystery is afoot.  Someone has bought up all the boxes of Count Chocula cereal.







5. Superhero Impersonator Brawl Play-By-Play

Who knew those Hollywood Boulevard impersonators were actually good for more than just standing in one place and posing for pictures.  Apparently there was some sort of turf battle on the Walk of Fame and the play-by-play from the newscaster who caught it is brilliant.






6. Guy Receives World Series Ticket as a Tip

Before game one of the World Series, the family of Royals pitcher Wade Davis ate lunch at a restaurant in Kansas City and ended up giving their server the most memorable tip of his life.






7. New Problem Solving Math App

Kids love it.  Teachers probably despise it.  There's a new app that can solve complex math problems just by taking pictures of them.  Is this a helpful tool or is it just a fancy way to help kids cheat?