As heard on the October 8th show:


1. Guy Has 17 Hour Erection

While it sounds ideal to some, this guy found out he was suffering from a rare condition and had to go to the hospital to have two pints of blood drained from his member.  After that didn't work, doctors were forced to inject him with not one, not two, but 24 rounds of medication!  Yeouch!






2. What the First Thing You Do When You Get Home Says About You

Right when you walk in the door do you drop trou?  Head to the fridge to feed your face?  Maybe you hit the gym?  Or possibly, you continue working.  Hey, maybe they'll take notice and you'll get that raise you've been asking for?




3. World's Most Expensive Burger

This monstrosity will make your pocket book cry AND give you a heart attack.  The "Glamburger" from Honky Tonk restaurant in London is priced at $1,770 and features toppings like Beluga caviar, hickory smoked duck egg and smatterings of gold leaf.







4. 110 Million Americans Have STD's at Any Given Time

Wrap your sh*t unless you want it fall off, because chances are, one of the people sitting to your left or right has something wicked festering down below.  These numbers will make you never want to have sex again, but that's what PornHub is for.






6. Foods Americans Eat the Most

What types of food do you typically eat each week?  I know in our house we eat Mexican inspired dishes at least twice a week.  Meat and potatoes about twice a week.  In the winter, more pasta's sneak in.  Makes for great comfort food.  But wheres' the "hot-dish" section?  Maybe that's just a Midwestern thing.






7. Cell Phones at Concerts Poll Recap

Do you get annoyed by cell phones at concerts?  Why pay to go to a live show if you're just going to watch it on a tiny screen?  Some bands are cracking down on cell phones at their shows.  How do you feel about it?



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