Starting next week the Loon and Ehlinger Lawn and Snow Removal are giving you a chance to get your driveway cleared of all that pesky snow, we know it's coming.


Just think how nice it would be if every time it snowed an inch or more, someone would come and clean out your driveway.

Well, it can happen. Starting Monday we will be taking registrations online at At the end of the month we will pick one lucky winner from all registrations and that person will have a nice easy Winter, not having to worry about snow removal. You must live in the St Cloud metro.

Just think how nice it would be to watch the snow fly and not have to worry about shoveling it out of your driveway. There is no need to call Ehlinger, they will just show up when it snows more than a inch and take care of the work.

So, starting Monday, go to and get yourself registered. good luck and may you get to hang up your shovel for the winter.

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