We may be a little superstitious with our lotto here in Minnesota, but for good reason - we have a ton of cities that seem to keep selling lucky tickets!

Minnesota has a great lottery department and are about pushing out tons of new games and trying to make big winners within our state. According to the Minnesota State Lottery, here's the luckiest cities that sell the most winning tickets. You may be surprised which are the luckiest!

In the central Minnesota region, the following cities have proven to be a better chance of winning: South Haven, Royalton, and Pequot Lakes.

If you want to travel a little further into the metro area, you may want to buy your tickets in these cities: Wyoming, Lakeland, and Stillwater. (yes, Minneapolis and St. Paul are NOT on their list!)

The Minnesota State Lottery put a mice set of infographics together showing just how much the biggest winner cities have dished out in lottery winnings, it's quite interesting.

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