Mitch Hedberg was one of my favorite up and coming comedians.Born and raised in St Paul, Minnesota, Mitch had his own unique style and delivery and, unfortunately, a drug problem that would end it all. He mad no effort to hide the fact that he used drugs.

In fact one of his famous lines was "I used to use drugs. I still do but I used to, too". Hedberg's drug use would prove to be the end of him and most definitely hampered his promising career.


He actually starred in a movie that was only shown a few times on the big screen and never released otherwise on DVD or anything else. People that worked with Mitch on the film said mitch and other cast members would get so stoned that it became a real challenge to get through a scene without someone messing up their lines.

In the end it was heroin that claimed Mitch Hedberg's life. Watch the short video and see for your self the brilliance of Mitch Hedberg.

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