2020 has been a year of cancellations. Just about everything and anything fun has been cancelled.  Well, anything that involves a large gathering of people, that is, which I equate to most things that are fun.  We have all had to get a bit more creative during this time of a pandemic.

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Matt Forster@forstermatth

But now, we have the news that the annual St. Paul Winter Carnival is still scheduled to happen in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 situation.  Of course, there will be some coronavirus protocol changes to the carnival.  But at this point, it's to be expected.   I just like the fact that they are going to try and make this happen.

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The carnival is scheduled to happen January 28th through February 7th. As expected, not all of the events that normally happen will be able to go on.  The parade won't happen- for obvious reasons.  But most of the other events that are planned will be outside with social distancing and mask wearing requirements.

These are some of the events that will still happen, with some changes:

This drive thru version of events seems to really be the norm this year.  And looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future.  There will also be some pop-up concerts.  There will be some online/virtual events too.  And it looks like the scavenger hunt will also happen.  But of course, keeping social distancing in mind.  I'm just wondering if people figure out where to find something that's odd, and they find it at the same time how will that work?  Cross that bridge when you come to it, right?

The annual carnival buttons will be available starting in December, too.  If you would like some more information on this event you can visit the Winter Carnival Website.

Cheers to WINTER... in October, this year.  And the hits of 2020 continue.

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