Thanksgiving can be fairly expensive.  By the time you buy all the food, drinks, decorations, and possible special dishes and silverware for the holiday things can really add up!

But $76,000 for a Thanksgiving meal seems VERY excessive, doesn't it?

meat fondue

It's a restaurant in New York and they have been hosting the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner for about 4 years now.  My first thought is NO WAY is anyone going to do that.  You know I would be wrong, right?  There are always going to be people who will pay ungodly prices for regular stuff... just because they can.  Although I wouldn't necessarily consider the menu "regular" by any means.

There is one other perk for eating here, though.  You aren't just paying for your food.  All diners actually get 4 tickets to the Broadway Show Hamilton.  Plus some other benies. So, I guess there is that.

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