On Friday's we try and laugh a bit.  JU is supposed to help us with that... he brings in his jokes and tries to make us laugh. This rarely works.  There is a reason we call this feature "Lame Joke Friday".  Because it is just that... lame and generally not funny.

Funny man is getting punch in face with fist.

JU always  tries to turn it up a notch.  I'll give him credit for that, but not much else.  This week he brought in 3 jokes.  He usually has 2, but this time (he must have known how lame they were) he brought in 3 offerings.

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On a weekly basis, he generally brings in 2 jokes.   One is relatively short.  The second one is usually a "shaggy dog story". In other words, one that keeps getting longer and longer.  But this time he has 3 jokes and all 3 were short.  WIN!

The first joke had to do with 2 guys and some math issues.  The second one was a Little Johnny joke.  But not quite as bad as most of the Little Johnny jokes that I've heard. And the third one was 2 guys talking about pre-marital sex.  Who did, and who didn't.

This is how it went:

See what I mean?  Lame. Joke. Friday. There is a reason this is called lame, because it really is lame... lame jokes, that is.

I'm sure he will be back next week.  Whether or not he'll have  2 or 3 jokes- well, that remains to be seen.  Until then, try and find some other things that are funnier than our own Johnny U-ma.

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