On Friday's we try and laugh a bit.  JU is supposed to help us with that... he brings in his jokes and tries to make us laugh. This rarely works.  There is a reason we call this feature "Lame Joke Friday".  Because it is just that... lame and generally not funny.


JU always  tries to turn it up a notch.  I'll give him credit for that, but not much else.  This week he brought in 3 jokes.  He usually has 2, but this time (he must have known how lame they were) he brought in 3 offerings.

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On a weekly basis, he generally brings in 2 jokes.   One is relatively short.  The second one is usually a "shaggy dog story". In other words, one that keeps getting longer and longer.  But this time he has 3 jokes and all 3 were short.  WIN!

The first joke had to do with 2 guys and some math issues.  The second one was a Little Johnny joke.  But not quite as bad as most of the Little Johnny jokes that I've heard. And the third one was 2 guys talking about pre-marital sex.  Who did, and who didn't.

This is how it went:

See what I mean?  Lame. Joke. Friday. There is a reason this is called lame, because it really is lame... lame jokes, that is.

I'm sure he will be back next week.  Whether or not he'll have  2 or 3 jokes- well, that remains to be seen.  Until then, try and find some other things that are funnier than our own Johnny U-ma.

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