I remember playing with a Lite Brite when I was a kid.  So cool to push the little pegs through the black paper, turn on the light and voila!  It's like a cool light in your room at night for like a day.  Then redo, and you have another design.  Thing is... what happens when you run out of the special paper or designs?  Back then you were kind of SOL. But now, maybe your could order a replacement pack online.  That would be a pile of awesome sauce.  Now, maybe even a bit more if you still have one of these beauties.


If you are planning on cleaning out your basement anytime soon... or the attic.... or some junk closet you may have... check this out.  Be on the look-out for some of these older toys.  Some not as old as others.  Like the StarFly Sky Dancer.  My niece had one of those about 10 years ago.  So, not that long back.  Like to my childhood.  Check out the list- could be worth a small fortune.  

Depending on the condition and such.  Could be a little bit of jingle money- or could pay for a vacation.  It's at least worth a look.