Ya' know what... some people should just not be together.  Those people are the people who have a restraining order against them, and decide to hook up in a van in the parking lot at WalMart.  This actually happened in Mankato.   Good Grief.  Usually you find these stories happening in Florida.  I think it's the heat that makes people crazy there... maybe that can be an excuse here this year.  It's been fairly warm.


So here is the story... a couple was caught in a van in the parking lot a the Wal Mart in Mankato.  The van was A-rockin' and the police came a-knockin'.  Both were in partial situations of undress.  And they were doing things that should be done in the privacy of your own home.  But here is the problem... obviously this couple has had some issues, because the husband, yes, they are married, has a restraining order against him.  He cannot come within a certain number of feet from his estranged wife.  So, maybe they are working on some sort of reconciliation?  But whatever the case, they decided that it would be a good idea to hook up in the van in a parking lot at Wal Mart.

Mugshot- Blue Earth County

They were both charged with indecent exposure, and he was slapped with some other charges because of the restraining order violation.  What's to happen next?

Stay tuned....