With midterm elections less than five weeks away, we are barraged with ads. These can be very annoying. The negative stuff about their opponent, the half truths make you just want to not vote.


I think there should be a rule that all ads must be truthful.  I know, a politician being truthful may be too much to hope for. What we could do is have a committee audit ads for misleading half truths and out and out lies. Any politician not able to backup their claims would be forbidden from any further advertising before the election and a public apology with retraction..

Get rid of special interest groups. These groups are largely from out of state and pump a ton of money into these campaigns to further their own interests. Get rid of them.

While we are at, on a national scale, get rid of Citizens United. How this ever got implemented into our political system, I don't know.

And finally, no more lobbyists. Today's congress isn't working for you and me. They are indebted to corporations and vote accordingly.

I truly believe if these things were implemented, we would see things get better real fast.  Sadly, the people that can get this stuff done are the very people we are trying to reign in.

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