Cameron Jeffrey Wilson is a 13 time convicted felon that seems to be having a difficult time conforming to society.

Wilson, of Cashmere, Washington, was in his apartment while carrying a pistol in his front pocket when the gun accidentally fired and blew off his boys and lodged a bullet in his thigh. Not a good day in anyone's book.

He then told his girl friend to get rid of the gun because a felon in possession on a firearm is ta big no,no. When Wilson finally went to the hospital a balloon of pot drop out of his butt as doctors were working on his wounds. A bad day gets worse.


Hospitals are required to report all gunshot wounds. When the police arrived at the hospital, they searched his car and found a bag of meth in the bloodstained jeans Wilson was wearing when he shot himself.

A warrant was then issued for his arrest and he turned himself in soon after. While being strip searched, guess what?  Another balloon of pot fell out of his butt.

So, if you ever think you are having a bad day, refer to this story. Might make you feel better.


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